Student reviews

Galymova Alima Zhanatovna

Double-degree education is a modern model of education. Currently, Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, on the basis of a bilateral agreement with the Linguistic-Technical University located in the Republic of Poland, trains students under the double degree program. In the 2018-2020 academic year, I studied under this program in the Republic of Poland. In addition to mastering new subjects in the learning process, I learned interesting techniques and methods of teaching. I also realized that education needs to focus more on practical skills. Currently, as a teacher, I effectively apply in my lesson the rational methods that I learned in the educational process in Poland. I think this is one of the most useful aspects of studying abroad. During my 3 months stay in Poland, I got acquainted with the customs, attitudes, and life skills of Poles. This was facilitated by the location of our university. The university in which I studied was in the small town of Przasnysz. In this city, there is an opportunity to meet and talk with the living Polish people and get acquainted with their way of life. For 3 months, the respect of this people for their language, land and traditions amazed me. As a result, I realized that I needed to instill these values in my students along with theoretical knowledge. As a result, thanks to the double degree program, I improved my theoretical, practical, methodological and spiritual knowledge. As a result of the double degree program, I received a master's degree in the Republic of Kazakhstan and became the owner of a double diploma of the European standard. A double diploma helped me find a job. For this, I would like to express my gratitude to the Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, who provided me with such an opportunity and created the conditions for studying abroad.

Altai Aydin

Undoubtedly, education is an eternal blessing in the conscious life of a person. Education is a mechanism that contributes to the fulfillment of dreams and good wishes. Education is a difficult path that allows a person to find their place in the world and become a person. Education is an unshakable force that helps the younger generation reach the pinnacle of happiness. Since education is the shortest path to the noble goal of a dream, the modern generation tries to assimilate the fruits of science from an early age. Thus, every young individual chasing a dream crosses the threshold of the university from the moment he enters a long life. Without breaking today's tradition, I went to Zhetysu University. Having received an education in the desired specialty, with the help of my teachers, I felt the happiness of studying abroad. First of all, it was a great opportunity for me to test my strength and deepen my knowledge. Thus, in 2019, I started studying under the double degree program, in the amount of 1 academic semester, at Linguistic-Technical University in Przasnysz (Republic of Poland). At the moment, I am continuing my studies. In this regard, such questions arise as: What are my impressions of the new education system? Is there an advantage in European education? Of course, the Western education system has many features and benefits. While mastering the second profession, I fully realized the benefits of the new structure. The advantages of European universities include: simplicity and consistency of learning, based on creative skills, implemented through a student-centered plan and the ability of the student to master skills that correspond to his goals. In addition, during his studies, the student can engage in science and interact on an equal footing with qualified specialists. It is worth noting that regular lectures are not held at the educational institution where we studied. A student can study a certain subject for a certain period of time. And the teacher strives to develop students ' practical skills, adhering to new approaches to each topic and problem. In addition to the listed features, the student can speak the language, learn the culture and history, traditions and customs of another country. The main thing is that additional education in Europe expands the student's outlook of knowledge. It allows you to travel and explore the world. The deepening of basic knowledge in a foreign university allows students to fully and professionally master their profession. In addition, training at both universities gives a powerful impetus to the comprehensive development of future specialists. Motivation to be a leader with a sense of responsibility. For this reason, the double degree program provides a foundation for the development of future professionals. The agreement between the two universities, signed for the benefit of young people who are thirsty for knowledge, is a great contribution to the future. The young generation, which has absorbed all the best of Kazakhstan and the European system, will undoubtedly stand on the threshold of creative changes, achieving outstanding success in science.