Groups of educational programs

Educational programs

The amount of training for the year

М001 Pedagogy and psychology7М01101 Pedagogy and psychology (1 year, 2 year)416,000 tenge
М002 Pre-school education and upbringing7М01201 Pre-school education and upbringing (1 year, 2 year)
М003 Teacher Training without subject specialization7М01301 Primary education pedagogy and methodology (1 year, 2 year)
М005 Teacher training in physical education7М01401 Physical education and Sport (1 year, 2 year)
М006 Teacher training in music7М01402 Music education (1 year, 2 year)
М008 Vocational Teacher Training7М01403 Vocational training (1 year, 2 year)
М010 Teacher training in mathematics7М01501 Mathematics (1 year, 2 year)
М011 Teacher training in physics7М01502 Physics (1 year, 2 year)
М012 Teacher training in informatics7М01503 Informatics (1 year, 2 year)
7М01504 ICT management in education (1 year, 2 year)
М014 Teacher training in biology7М01505 Biology (1 year, 2 year)
М015 Teacher training in geography7М01506 Geography (1 year, 2 year)
М016 Teacher training in history7М01601 History (1 year, 2 year)
М017 Teacher training in Kazakh language and literature7М01701 Kazakh Language and the Literature (1 year, 2 year)
М018 Teacher training in Russian language and literature7М01702 Russian Language and Literature (1 year, 2 year)
М021 Special pedagogy7М01902 Special pedagogy (1 year, 2 year)
М070 Economics7М04101 Economics (1 year, 2 year)
7M04107 Economic cybernetics (1 year, 2 year)
М071 State and local government7М04102 State and local governance (1 year, 2 year)
М072 Management and administration7М04103 Management (1 year, 2 year)
7M04108 Business administration (1 year)
M073 Audit and taxation7М04104 Accounting and Audit (1 year, 2 year)
7М04105 State audit (1 year, 2 year)
M074 Finance, banking and insurance7М04106 Finance (1 year, 2 year)
М078 Law7М04201 Jurisprudence (1 year, 2 year)
М087 Environmental protection technology7М05201 Ecology (1 year, 2 year)