Tuleshova Gulnara

Degree: candidate of economic Sciences

Position: head of the department


  • 1995. The Kazakh state University named after KIROV. Specialty: Journalism. The qualification of a journalist.

  • 2004 the Kazakh state University named after KIROV. Academic degree: Candidate of Economic Sciences. Specialty: 08.00.01-Economic Theory

    The topic of the candidate’s dissertation: “Patterns of development of economic thought in Kazakhstan”


  • “Best Candidate of Science-2020”
  • “Best Teacher of 2016”

Scientific works

  • Formatting of public services in the framework of fulfillment of tax obligations. – Espacios – 2019 – Vol. 40 (Number 32) – Page 5
  • Evaluation of geological and economic efficiency of the development deposits of mineral resources. Eurasian Geography and Economics Year :2016/Vol u me: 5 8( s. e. ) |Issue: 3
  • Clustering of agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of competitiveness (Saparov, E.K., Dauliyeva, G.R., Tuleshova, G.B.) 2018 Espacios 39(18)
  • Development of entrepreneurship in agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan: capacity, trends and development prospects // Экономика и предпринимательство, № 1, 2020 г. (ВАК РФ)