Ukusheva Tolkyn

Degree: Master of Biology

Position: Senior Lecturer


  • 1996-2000 She studied in the city of Taldykorgan at the Zhetysu State University named after Zhansugurova and received a Bachelor of Biology
  • 2001-2003 She studied at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and received the qualification: Master of Biology


  1. ” Certificate of honor” of the rector of ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov, Taldykorgan, 2017
  2. “Algys Khat” regional branch Nur Otan, 08.03.2018
  3. Diploma of II degree winner of the competition «International competition of projects for teachers of universities and secondary schools Interclover-2017» , NOO Professional Science, 2017
  4. Diploma of the 1st degree winner of the competition «International competition of projects for teachers of universities and secondary schools Interclover-2017», NOO Professional Science, 2020
  5. I place from the vice-rector for educational work and social issues B. Seriev for instilling civic-patriotic values ​​in students and active participation in public work in the competition «Kindness in October» Diploma.

Scientific study

  • Publications over the past 3 years, including:

    – study guide – 1;

            – electronic textbooks -2;

            – scientific articles in international journals – 12;

            – Abstracts – 1;

            – Republican – 4;

            – Scopus – 1.

  1. Адам гельминтоздары // Материалы ІІІ-ей Республиканской научно-практической конференции «Молодежь и наука в современном мире» 18-19 марта 2011.
  2. Изучение и профилактика вируса кори среди населения г.Талдыкорган // Материалы международной научно-практической конференции Наука и ее роль в современном мире 29 января 2010.
  3. Исследование блох как переносчиков инфекционных заболеваний «Высшая школа» Научный журнал, ISSN – номер ISSN 2409-1677, РИНЦ, май, том № 1
  1. Влияние регуляторов роста на энергию прорастания и всхожесть семян огурца в теплице Polish Journal of science № 13 (2019) VOL.1
  2. Ауыл және қала оқушыларының кардиореспираторлық жүйесінің физиологиялық күйін бағалау. ISSN 2073-333X Международный научный журнал Қазақстанның ғылымы мен өмірі. №10 2019,№10 2019
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  4. Қазақстанның ғылымы мен өмірі. Наука и жизнь Казахстана.Science and life of Kazakhstan. №10 2019,№10 2019
  5. Technology of malus sieversii softwood cutting for conservation of wild fruit forests in the territory  of Zhongar–Alatau national park in Kazakhstan. Abstracts / Journal of Biotechnology 305S (2019) S33–S88
  6. A S BAKHTAULOVA, A ABDILDAULY, T K UKUSHEVA AND A M ATABAYEV.Aparticipated in the IV International Conference “AGRITECH IV – 2020: Agribusiness, Environmental Engineering and Biotechnologies” in November 18-20, 2020 | Krasnoyarsk, Russia IV Іnternational conference agritech IV – 2020: agribusiness, environmental engineering and biotechnologies


  1. 07.06.2010-19.06.2010 Advanced training of teachers of universities of KazNU named after al-Farabi in the specialty Zoology
  2. 08.10.2012-20.10.2012 International seminar “Fundamentals of environmental safety”
  3. 12.01.2010 Intraktivti rylғylardy onu rdisinde paidalanu boyinsha training course
  4. JSC “National Center for Advanced Studies” Orleu “, Almaty, No. 0147518, 11.08.2017
  5. “Studentterdin uzindik zhumysyn uyymdastyru tekhnologary”, 72 saqat, 02.02.2018
  6. Certificate – ҚR Bilim zhane gylym minister of ligi “Orleu” biliktilikti arttyru ulttyk ortalygy, “Zhalpy bilim take mazmunyn zhagartu zhadayynd biology
  7. Certificate – Ul-Farabi atyndagy KazuU biliktilikti arttyru zhane kosymsha bilim take institutes, “Studentterdin uzindik zhumysyn uyymdastyru tekhnologary”, Almaty, 72 saғat, 2018.
  8. Certificate of the participant of seminars on Clarivate Analytics resources for scientific research, ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov, 2018
  9. Certificate – “Modern methods of stress management in sport”, 12.11-10.12.2018. at the Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov in collaboration with the Tallinn University and received 3.5 ECTS credits, 92 hours.
  10. Certificate – Consulting company, “Innovative teaching technologies in the areas of natural disciplines”, 72 hours, No. 01019Y-015/1, 28.10-09.11.2019
  11. Certificate – Hass successfully participated at the seminar “How to Get Published in Scientific Journals”, 28-29.11.2019
  12. Certificate – “Sybailas zhemkorlyk korinisterinin aldyn alu”, No. 128, Taldykorgan, 2020
  13. Certificate – ZhSU im. I. Zhansugurova, “Methodology for the development of electronic courses. Fundamentals of Pedagogical Design “, No. 888, 36 hours, Taldykorgan, 2020
  14. “Kashyktyktan ogytu zhadayynda bilim take rdisin uyymdastyru” І. Zhansugir at. ZHU. Тіркеу №775. 2020 f.
  15. “Innovations and modern methods of teaching biological disciplines in the framework of distance education” registration number: № 0920 / LF – 0019/1. 2020 year