December 1 is the Day of the First President

At the Faculty of Natural Sciences for students of the 4th year of the specialty biology of the educational program in the natural science direction of the ВК 411, ВРК 411 group and the curator of the group Atabayeva Ainur Muratovna held a curatorial hour in an online format dedicated to the Day of the First President. Purpose: to reveal the essence of the celebration of the Day of the First President on December 1, to tell about the life path of Nursultan Nazarbayev, about where he was born, grew up, studied, served. As the head of state, to cultivate love for the Motherland, the people, to be a true citizen, a true patriot. Formation of students’ feelings of love, respect for the Elbasy. Our country will forever remain independent, and the Kazakh country will become a fabulous holiday, marking peace and stability. Therefore, we want our sovereignty to be strong, our people to be alive, and our country to be calm.