On March 03, 2022, the final conference on educational practice was held at the Higher School of Humanities in room 125.

The conference was attended by students of the 1st year of educational programs 6B01703- “Russian language and literature”, 6B01704- “Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction”, responsible for the practice of EP for the preparation of philologists, Ph.D., associate professor N.Seralieva and heads of practice masters, teachers-lecturers K.Chesnokova and M.Abaideldanova.

For students, this practice is one of the first stages of continuous professional practical training for future professional activities. The base for the internship is a branch of the EP for the preparation of philologists of CSI “Secondary school-gymnasium No. 12”.

The purpose of the training practice was realized, since at the end the students formed a general idea of ​​the features of the functioning of the educational institution, the first-year students got acquainted with the main activities of the teacher-philologist, his professional functions, duties and specifics of the activity, as well as the methods and technologies used by teachers.