Improving the training of students in multilingual education

Project name: «Improving the training of students in multilingual education» (project duration 12 months, January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022)

      The current trend that has developed on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the ability to speak three or more languages of instruction. This is necessary to maintain foreign economic relations, business development and compliance of the released domestic personnel with international quality standards. Unfortunately, most of the Russian literature in the subjects of the natural science cycle, in particular, in mathematics, is presented in two languages, having only a Kazakh-language or Russian-language equivalent. In order for students and teachers to possess the necessary basic and advanced knowledge in English, appropriate literature in this language adapted to the state educational standard of knowledge is necessary.

Unfortunately, the use of available foreign literature on mathematics is not correct, since the educational standard and the content of textbooks in English-speaking countries and the Republic of Kazakhstan differ. This leads to forced study of mathematics on the existing literature in Kazakh and Russian and further study of English as an optional language. But such an approach is not effective and constructive for preparing for admission to foreign higher educational institutions, since mathematics in them is specifically different, and knowledge of formulas, theorems, concepts, properties and terms is based on the domestic format. Additional study of English does not guarantee an improvement in the indicators of understanding technical literature and proficiency in professionally oriented English. In this connection, there is a need to create educational and methodological literature in English based on the state educational standard. The mathematics textbook for fifth grades in English for Kazakhstani schoolchildren should be a material based on the state educational standard, including terminology based on it, but representing an English-language equivalent that meets the international standard. In order to create this textbook, it is necessary to study the basic material necessary for admission, based on popular international exams related to mathematics, such as: ACT, SAT, AP.

Nevertheless, the textbook should be filled with content that allows students whose native language is not English to organically study mathematics in English. To do this, such factors as: vocabulary work, the study of foreign terminology, thoughtful tasks, the use of simple sentences and phrases for gradual immersion in the study should be provided. The creation of such a textbook is an essential step for the implementation of the trilingualism policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan «Trinity of Languages», and will also serve as the necessary methodological basis for mastering mathematics in English. Also, a mathematics textbook for fifth grades in English can serve as a basis for creating more such methodological literature and will help Kazakhstani schoolchildren become specialists who meet all international standards of education.

The purpose of the project: to develop and justify a methodology for preparing students in a multilingual education.

Expected results:

  1. The result of this research is the improvement of this methodology, which will further help to implement the tasks set in the state course «Trinity of Languages», aimed at developing a qualitative level of proficiency in three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English).
  2. The psychological and pedagogical features of the preparation of students in the conditions of multilingual education will be revealed
  3. The problems of teaching students in multilingual education will be studied
  4. A methodological model of training students in multilingual education will be developed
  5. A textbook will be published for students in the process of learning in a multilingual education.

Scientific director of the project:

   Lim Viktoriya Sergeevna, 3rd year doctoral student EP 8D01501 – Mathematics, Master of Pedagogical Sciences – specialist in the field of methods of teaching mathematics. ORCID 0000-0003-1377-5481. Link to profile ?lang=en

Members of the research group:

  1. Musekenova Aizhan Aydynovna, ZHU named after I. Zhansugurov, Lecturer, OP “Jurisprudence” Faculty of Law and Economics
  2. Shayakhmetova Valentina Bakhytovna ZHU named after I. Zhansugurov, Expert, Department of Science and Co-commercialization of Scientific Projects