“School experience in coordinating the work of a tutor”

04.11.2022 at 9:00 a.m. at B. Syrttanov Secondary School No. 25, a seminar was held on the topic “School experience in coordinating the work of a teacher” organized by JSC “National Center for Advanced Training of Orleu” representative office in Zhetysu region branch of the “National Center for Advanced Training in Almaty region”, which was attended by students of the Higher School of Humanities sciences, educational program “Foreign language:two foreign languages” groups SHTK-411, SHTK-413, IYAR-411 under the guidance of a teacher of the Higher School of Humanities Zhumagali Kanysh.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide effective experience in the implementation of the mentoring process. The seminar was held in different directions and according to the planned plan. The effectiveness and role of this project were discussed by the head of the representative office of JSC “National Center for Advanced Training”Orleu” in Zhetysu region E. Nemerebaev and senior methodologist of the educational and methodological center for the development of education in Taldykorgan M. Saduakasova.  Teachers of secondary education organizations passed a pedagogical consultation on the following topics: mandatory documents for conducting, mandatory standard of education, maintaining the curriculum, assisting in the creation of the content of KTZ, CHI, SMR, teacher experience in the implementation of criteria assessment, lesson analysis, feedback. The teachers of special groups of foreign languages were the English teacher of the Aksu district E. Estibaeva and Taldykorgan English teacher M. Omarbekova.