Presentation of the book of poems by Musa Bisenkulov “Shaking the Earth in the palms”

On December 1, the presentation of the collection of poems by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor Musa Bisenkulov “Shaking the Earth in the palms” took place on the basis of the Higher School of Humanities.

The event was opened by the hero of the meeting himself, who told about himself, about time, about fate, about the difficult search for an answer to the question of a person’s place in a rapidly changing world.

M.K.Bisenkulov is a veteran of Higher Education, who worked for many years as dean of the Faculty of Philology and for 20 years headed the departments of Russian language and Literature, Russian and Foreign literature, Russian Philology and World Literature. 

The author noted that the book is dedicated to the memory of his father, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, Kazym Bisenkulov.

The presentation was held in a warm atmosphere of a friendly meeting, during which the poet told about his work, read selected poems. Colleagues and students made welcoming remarks and congratulations. All participants of the meeting received as a gift a collection of poems with the personal signature of the author and with warm wishes from his family.

The book presents poetic texts created in the period from July to November 2022. The collection opens with an introductory article by Doctor of Philology, Professor, member of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A.Zhaksylykov, which gives a high assessment of the maturity and confessional nature of the poet’s poems. The book ends with the author’s appeal to the reader, imbued with philosophical reflections on life.

Addressing the reader, the author says: “So another page of my life has been turned. The poems of recent years have been pouring out as if from a magical cornucopia. It surprised me, stunned me, I will not hide it. In search of an answer to the question that tormented me, I turned over some pages of my life… That’s all, perhaps. The rest is in verse.”

The teaching staff of the educational programs of the Russian language and literature thanks M.K.Bisenkulov for this bright, touching meeting, a heartfelt dialogue with readers.

We wish the author good health and creative success!