Scientific and methodological seminar for young teachers

Within the framework of cooperation between the EP Russian language and literature of the Higher School of Humanities of Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov and the educational and methodological center for the development of education in the Zhetysu region, on December 8, 2022, a scientific and methodological seminar “School of Experience: Analysis of a Literary Text” was held at the university.

The purpose of the event is to support young teachers in developing research skills.

In the course of the work, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Educational Program “Russian Language and Literature” Emma Viktorovna Lee, together with the participants, conducted a detailed analysis of one of the works of V. Nabokov, and also gave recommendations on organizing the research work of students. The seminar was attended by 30 young teachers from 7 regions of the region.

The Educational and Methodological Center expressed its deep gratitude to E.V. Lee and the Higher School of Humanities for close cooperation and assistance in improving the professional competencies of young specialists.