The first stage of the educational program “Agronomy” among students – a competition of research works of students within the university was held on December 8, 2022.

The main goals and objectives of the competition of students’ research papers:

1) Stimulation of research and educational and cognitive activity of students;

2) Selection and support of the most gifted and gifted students;

3) Assistance in the formation of the intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 The Republican R & D competition is held in 2 stages:

1) The first stage is intra-university;

2) the second stage-in basic universities

In the R&D competition, independently completed research works of students on topical issues and priority areas of natural and technical sciences were defended.

The first place was taken by Zhidebai Zhaksylyk “Sweet Rainbow”, Rakhimov Askar and Sergey Zabrodin; the second place was taken by Besitai Tokyn “Technology of growing barley on hydroponics”; the third place was taken by Zherebaeva Merey “Preservation of certain types of wild rose by biotechnological methods”, and Kalibekova Raushan “study of the use of soy crops of effective chemical methods of protection against weeds”. He was nominated for the Republican contest of scientific research works.