«Family values» educational event

In the article “Future Orientation: Spiritual Revival”, the main prerequisites for national revival are defined as “If modernization is not based on the national and spiritual roots of the country, it starts to go astray.” 06.10.2022 candidate pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor A.O Aldabergenova and teacher-lecturer A.Yesseikyzy of the Higher School of Natural Science, EP in Pedagogical Informatics, an educational event was organized on the topic “Family Values” among 1st year students (informatics, mathematics-informatics). During the event, students exchanged views on the concept of the value of the family, the ability to love the family, the formation of relationships between parents and children, the foundation of the family as a catalyst for life, and the importance of family education. The students expressed their thoughts on posters and shared them with each other. During the lesson, a fun quiz was played, important principles and foundations of family relationships were discussed. A sense of responsibility for the creation of a strong, happy family institution was revived in the heart of each student.