Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov in early December announced an essay contest among students “Tauelsizdik above all”.

The purpose of the competition is to strengthen the patriotism of students and strengthen respect for the Motherland, native country, land, the formation of national identity.

In accordance with the requirements and conditions of the organized event, the work of about 20 students was analyzed. The results of the competition were held in the main building of Zhetysu University, where the 2nd year student of the educational programs of journalism and information Gulnur Ermukhankyzy took the first place, the scientific supervisor of the lecturer-lecturer Albatyr Ilesbek.The 2nd place was awarded to a 2nd year student of the educational programs of the Russian language and literature (master’s degree) Ayazhan Kaliakbar. The 3rd-year student of the special pedagogical educational program Arianna Sultan took the third place.