January 5, 2023 teachers of the Higher School of Humanities of the EP “Foreign Languages ​​and Translation studies”: Doskeldina A.S., Ospan A.K., Zhalelova Z.A., Kalibaeva M.Zh., Sartova A.E. organized the “Megamind” competition among 11th grade students of the city of Taldykorgan and the Zhetysu region. The purpose of this competition is to introduce students to the university and increase their interest in learning a foreign language. The first condition of the competition was to write homework “Kazakhstan in 10 years”, Round 1 – tasks for listening to videos, round 2 – logical tasks related to reading, round 3 to answer questions related to country studies and English grammar, and the decisive competition was to determine the level of students’ English proficiency.

According to the results of the competition, the 1st place was awarded to Nazerka Korynbaeva, a student of school No. 12, the 2nd place was awarded to Muratkyny Bagzhan, a student of the Eskeldi district, Zhenis Zhanbota from school No. 10, and the 3rd place was awarded to Kobekhan Akbota and Bigasheva Altynai, students of the Eskeldi district.