The moments of practical training by students of the group FK411 EP 6B02302 – Philology

Since January 9 of this year, the Higher School of Humanities, 21 students majoring in philology have been undergoing practical training in the relevant state institutions. In particular, akimats of districts, villages, cities, onomastic and analytical department of the Department for the Development of Languages of Zhetysu region, journalism, press services, etc.

There were no difficulties in the process of production practice. Currently, having received a lot of information, we quickly get along with the staff of the institution, responsibly approach each case, obey the order of the institution.

Under the guidance of Candidate of Philological Sciences, lecturer L. Alakhimetovna:

Murat Aizhan Aslanovna is undergoing an internship as a press secretary of the akim of the Alakol district. During the practice, the akim of the district together with A. Abdinov took part in various events, as well as at gatherings, such as meetings of residents in 24 districts of the Alakol district, recorded the issues raised and published them on social networks.

Madet Yernur is a correspondent – editor and presenter of the program “Tangy akparattyk sazdy” on the Zhetysu TV channel. Prepares various plots, shares interesting data for the viewer. Speaks the language, has a large vocabulary. A master of his craft. Currently studying all the subtleties of journalism.

Mukan Azamat Aidosovich is undergoing an internship as a correspondent – editor in the program “Tangy akparattyk Sazdy” on the Zhetysu TV channel. From the very first day, with a good-natured character, he immediately got used to any business, not succumbing to adversity. There is a lot of information to learn about the upcoming time.

Our industrial practice under the guidance of Candidate of Philological Sciences, lecturer L. Alakhimetovna has a lot of fun and difficulties. However, adversity never gets in the way for us.