IT school-lyceum No. 28 named after Kulzhabai Kasymov

Russian Language and Literature Decade opening, we, together with the teachers of the Kulzhabai Kasymov IT School-Lyceum No. 28, met students of the 1st shift in Russian folk costumes. Everyone was treated to thin openwork pancakes and a sweet loaf. Russian Russian folk style decorated the hall of the school, and the models of Russian poets gave everyone unforgettable emotions and a positive emotional mood for the whole week. Warm-up games were held to music for teachers to cheer up before the working week.

Teachers of Russian language and literature conduct open lessons, share with us their working methods of teaching. Together with the heads of the practices Toleubaeva R.A., Abdrakhmanova Zh.T., Dzhumadilova S.K., Mukusheva G.K., Kenes M.K., Zharykbasova S.O., Raeva O.B. we conduct interesting intellectual games related to Russian folk art at big changes.

From the very beginning of the decade, “winter”, Russian songs that convey the whole atmosphere of winter and holidays of this period, were put on the calls. And many songs from films and animated series of our childhood are taken, and most were hits of the past decades. It is worth noting that before that Kazakh kuis sounded instead of calls.

We are very happy to be a part of these events, because this is a great experience for us and a good reason to get to know our leaders and students even closer.

Interns of the EP “Russian language and literature

in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction”

ZhU named after I.Zhansugurov

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics, Taldykorgan


When we stepped on the threshold of the school, we were met by Mamleeva Saltanat Bekentaevna, the head teacher of the school, who introduced us to the head of the Ministry of Education of Russian Language and Literature Teachers Sabitova Aigul Umirbaevna. Aigul Umirbaevna introduced us to our mentors and showed us around the school. From the first days of practice, all teachers treated us with understanding, prompted and directed: they helped in compiling the CSP, demonstrated various methods and techniques that can be used in the lessons of the Russian language and literature. We convinced that it is not difficult to work with children, you just need to find the right approach and a common language. Our mentors have clearly shown that there are much more pluses to being a teacher than minuses. Working with children of different ages, we were convinced of this ourselves: they are all different, but they and we are united by one thing – the desire for knowledge. We, 3rd year students of the OP RYAL, are infinitely grateful: to the teachers for sharing their experience with us; the children who responded in the lessons put their hands up and tried, which gave us great motivation. We express our deep gratitude to our mentors: Likh Irina Vladimirovna, Sabitova Aigul Umirbaevna, Sergazina Mira Tleubekovna, Khaseinova Saniya Nesipkazievna, Klokova Elena Valerievna. We hope that for the next practice, in the 4th year, we will also come to NIS.

                                               Interns of the EP “Russian Language and Literature”

ZhU named after I.Zhansugurov