Mukaghali Makataev is a great poet

On 10.02.2023, under the organization of the teacher-lecturer of the Pedagogical Informatics Education Program of the Higher School of Natural Sciences, Ayim Yesseikyzy, with the 1st year students of the EP of Informatics held an educational lesson about the life and work of Mukaghali Makatayev, who became the legend of Kazakh poetry. In order to acquainting the students with the rich creative world of the Kazakh poet, one of the great personalities – Mukagali Makataev, in order to love the poet Mukagali endlessly, to imbue the young generation with the nourishment of poetry, and to awaken their love for the poet’s poems, the students shared their thoughts and read the poems that were close to their hearts.

Every student got a good impression from the “Mukaghali Makataev is a great poet” educational lesson, had the opportunity to follow the example of the poet’s poems, to recognize beauty and love while loving poetry, and to imbibe the virtues of humanity and kindness.