On February 20, 2023, the second round of the university Olympiad in the Russian language among first-year students took place. The name of this intellectual and creative tournament was the words from a prose poem by the famous Russian writer Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev.

The winners of the first round – the authors of essays about the Russian language – gathered in auditorium No. 129. These are students of the OP “Foreign language”, “Physical culture and sports”, “Chemistry”, “Geography” and “Jurisprudence” (teachers of the Russian language – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Seralieva N.Zh., Master Chesnokova K.A., Candidate of Philological Sciences Chsherbovskikh I.G.).

The task of the second round was expressive reciting poems about the language, about the word. The participants of the Olympiad showed artistic skill in the performance of works, sincerity and lyricism.

The competition featured poems by A.S.Pushkin, V.Ya.Bryusov, N.S.Gumilev, A.A.Akhmatova, N.Zabolotsky, L.Kornilov. These are poets of different poetic era. But they are united by faith in the power of the Poetic Word.

When summing up the results of the Olympiad, the results of both rounds were taken into account – written and oral (essay and reader competition).

The following students won prizes:

1st place – Katybaev Yerdaulet;

2nd place – Dospay Danial;

2nd place – Galym Mereke and Kurmangalikyzy Aigerim, who composed a poetic duet in the performance of a poem;

3rd place – Aisha Zhakeeva;

3rd place –Altynbek Sholpan;

3rd place – Sabina Alimbayeva.

         The winners of the Olympiad were also the holders of the nominations:

“For the sincerity of performance” – Hasen Yelnur;

“Expressive reading” – Rinat Adilbekov;

“The most lyrical performance” – Shergali Aruzhan.

Summing up the meeting, Irina G. Chsherbovskikh  noted the activity of students, an interesting choice of poems, vivid performance and independence in writing essays. The students showed the ability to think, reason and defend their point of view. And the main victory was the good mood of all participants of the Olympiad and readiness for new victories!