I am a patriot of my country!

On February 21, 2023, an educational event “I am a patriot of my country!” was held at the Higher School of Natural Sciences by students of the 3rd year of the specialty “Biology” and curator Ukusheva T.K..

The purpose of the event: teaching students to read their native land, native country, people. Education of citizens who form the noble qualities of national identity, culture, intelligence, conscience, diligence. To foster love, respect for the motherland, their history. Develop a sense of pride, patriotism for the Motherland. To explain the deep essence of the word “Patriot”, to educate patriotic, aesthetic, moral education, to educate a person capable of expressing his opinion.

During the event, students expressed their feelings for the Motherland – one of the avenues of happiness – love for the Motherland. The duty of humanity is to flourish, preserve and pass on the native homeland from generation to generation.

May there be eternal peace in the country! May our beloved Motherland, free Kazakhstan, spread out and shine forever!