An open lesson in philosophy

On February 17, at 12:20, an open lesson on philosophy on the topic «cognition and creativity» among 1st year students was held among the Chemistry and Mathematics groups of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The students were divided into several groups and examined the problems of cognition. Various questions were also asked about the main forms, object and subject of cognition, intuition and theory of cognition, an exchange of opinions on the topic among students was held. A total of 29 students took part in the open lesson. Among them: Ormanova Yerkezhan, Medet Akbota, Alikkyzy Anel, Azimkhan Ayaulym, Sailaubekova Ayerke, Naukhan Sultan beybarys, Imanbayeva Anel, Izbasarova Dilnaz and other students. At the end of the lesson, feedback was provided. Feedback was organized in a playful way. Using the «Brain-ring» method, students asked mutual questions with interest and could freely express their thoughts.