The second-year students of the Department of Russian Language and Literature became participants in an unusual meeting. On this day, Zeus, the queen of the gods Hera, the gloomy Hades, the lord of the seas Poseidon, the wise Athena, the beautiful Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Apollo with his muses, Hermes and other characters of ancient myths gathered at the desks of auditorium 129.  This is how the competition of experts in ancient mythology, organized by the OP of Russian Language and Literature, began.

The participants of this unusual tournament had to show knowledge of the plots and heroes of ancient Greek myths, draw parallels between Greek and Roman gods.

 Of particular interest was the contest, which requires guessing the ancient god by clothes and attributes. The students themselves composed a characterization of the hero using Homer’s hexameter.

The organizer of the competition, Irina Gennadievna Chsherbovskikh, PhD, noted that «the competition of experts in ancient mythology was very exciting for students, so we want to make it traditional and hold it annually.

The most striking images were those presented by students Yurtayeva Oksana (Aphrodite), Velichko Victoria (Demeter), Aitova Alina (Persephone), Zhanbyr Aigerim (Poseidon), Kali Aigerim (Hera), Nazar Zhandos (Hermes), Galymzhankyzy Alfiya (Pan), Kuanzhan Dilnaz (Hephaestus). Interestingly, on this day, two Hera (Kali Aigerim and Ashirbai Balausa) and two Demeters (Velichko Victoria and Kaldan Talshyn) accidentally met on our Olympus.

The competition ended and the winners received the loudest applause. And the phraseological units “Sisyphean labor”, “Achilles’ Heel”, “Pandora’s box”, “embrace of Morpheus”, “Procrustean bed”, “apple of discord”, “thread of Ariadne”, “temple of Melpomene” and many others are firmly entrenched in the lexicon of the participants. They will decorate the speech and remind you of the victory in this unusual tournament».