“You have a good person with you”

07.12.2023, students of the educational programs “Biology”, “Chemistry-Biology”, teacher-lecturer of the Higher School of Natural Sciences T.Ukusheva, who oversees the program “Spiritual Rebirth” A.Atabaeva held an educational event on the theme “You have a good person with you”.

The participants of the event were the director of the scientific and educational center “Spiritual Revival” of the University of Zhaiyk Tazabekuly and students of the higher school. Beibit Musa, a traditional singer of the Zhetysu Regional Philharmonic named after Danesh Rakyshev, was invited as a guest of the event.

It’s one thing to grow up listening to traditional Kazakh songs, another art is to be able to put them into your heart, feel them with your heart and bring them to the audience under the sacred dombra. The singer told the students about his biography, his first songs, the history of the songs, performed traditional songs. The students received answers to their questions.

The event was held at a high level in order to promote the Kazakh singing art and spiritual wealth among young people. In this, we are very grateful to our elders, who share their wisdom with us and glorify traditional values!