The subject Olympiad of the EP “Methods of teaching and upbringing” on the theme “Pedagogy of success: the practice of implementing innovations in preschool and primary education”

On December 7, 2023, a subject Olympiad was held at Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov on the EPMethods of teaching and upbringing” according to the educational program 6B01201 – “Preschool education and upbringing”, 6B01301 “Pedagogy and methods of primary education” on the topic: “Pedagogy of success: the practice of implementing innovations in preschool and primary education.”

The Olympiad was attended by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students (bachelor’s degree).

The following commands were presented:

1.  Күнбағыс – Мдқ 311- head: G. A. Tazhinova

2.  Kids symphony -Мдқ 211 – head: G. A. Tazhinova

3.  Zhalyndy  Zhetisu Zhastary –БҚ 211- head: K. J. Almenbetova

4.  Zhu light -БҚ – 311- head: A.D. Asanbayeva

5.  InZhu – БҚ – 311-  head: A.D.Asanbayeva

6.  Zhu Star – БҚ – 311-  head: A.D.Asanbayeva

7.  Dream team – Бпқ -121- heads: B. K. Kystaubaeva, M. B. Mukhasheva.

Stage I: Self-presentation of the teams: “We are teachers of a new formation”.

In their speeches, the students showed the importance of their chosen profession, creativity, artistry, culture of verbal communication, ability to work in a team.

Stage II: Competition. “Solving the pedagogical situation”.

Students, using the technique of role modeling, identified the problem and solutions.

Stage III: Innovative technologies in the learning process. “Workshop in kindergarten, at school” – video recordings of fragments of classes, lessons at school and preschool were presented.

The jury assessed the use of innovative technologies, methods and techniques, the possibilities of the subject-developing environment, communicative competencies, and the realization of a pedagogical goal.

The results of the Olympiad on EP 6B01201 – “Preschool education and upbringing”:

1st place – Kunbagys, Мдқ  311;

2nd place – Children’s Symphony, Мдқ  211;

The results of the Olympiad on EP 6B01301 “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”:

1st place was won by Zhalyndy Zhetysu zhastary, БҚ 211;

2nd place – Dream Team, БҚ  121;

3rd place –  Zhu light – БҚ 311, InZhu – БҚ 311, the Zhu Star – БҚ 311;

All participants of the Olympiad were awarded diplomas and letters of thanks.