Subject Olympiad on the educational program “Modern Pedagogy and Psychology” of the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology

The educational program of pedagogy and psychology on December 8, 2023 at Zhetysu University held a subject Olympiad on educational programs 6B01101 – “Pedagogy and Psychology”, 6B01902 – “Special Pedagogy” on the topic “Modern Pedagogy and Psychology”. The purpose of the Olympiad was to support active and talented students, create a competitive environment for students and improve practical experience and scientific activities, develop students’ professional competencies in the field of pedagogy and psychology.

The Olympiad was attended by students of the 1st, 2nd, and 3,4 courses (bachelor’s degree). The following participating teams are represented:

1. “Phycology ZHU” – Pk 111- supervisor: A. T. Mamekova

2. Talpyn – APk 111- supervisor: F. B. Mustafa

3. “Zein”- Pk 121- supervisor: A. B. Abukhanova

4. “Zhanashyl psychologist”- PPk 211- supervisor: A. T. Mamekova

5. “Bolashak” – APk 211-head: Azanbekova G. T.

6. “Omir degen keremet” – PPk 221 – supervisor: A. T. Mamekova

7. “Damu time” -APk 311 – supervisor: F. B. Mustafa

8. “Bari bar” -APk 411 –supervisor: F. B. Mustafa

Stage I: Self-presentation of the team: “We are a teacher-psychologist-innovator”, “We are special teachers-innovators”. In their speeches, the students showed the importance of the profession, originality, creativity, artistry, culture of communication, ability to work in a team.

Stage II: Homework, project defense. The students studied their chosen topics and identified problems and solutions.

The jury assessed the professional and personal potential and creative abilities of students, their self-realization, assistance in forming a professional position, interest in the profession, increasing the ability to work in a team, and the implementation of a psychological and pedagogical orientation.

The results of the Olympiad on OP 6B01101- “Pedagogy and psychology”:

1st place-“Zein” – Pk 121;

2nd place –Omir degen keremet – PPk 221;

3rd place–”Zhanashyl psychologist”-PPk 211top

3rd place –”Phycology ZHU” -Pk 111

The results of the Olympiad on OP 6B01902- “Special pedagogy” :

1st place – “Damu time”, APk-311;

2nd place – “Bari bar”, APk -411;

3rd place – Talpyn , APk – 111

3rd place – Bolashak, APk -211

All participants of the Olympiad were awarded diplomas and letters of thanks.