Students of educational programs of journalism and information met with the Chief Editor of the Regional Communications Service Department of the State Utility Company on the right of economic management «Zhetysu Media» Daniyar Zhanys. This small training, organized by lecturer Shayanbayeva Bayan, was very interesting and useful. Students of the specialty PR listened to a lecture on their own policy of each editorial staff and got the information they needed.

I went there, not knowing what to say to the students, and left without finishing my words. One of the students says that he wanted to read the book, and the other says that we passed the theory of «six handshakes». By the way, in the practice of the theory of «six handshakes» we searched the phone number of one person, consulting with the audience. I found it from a third person.

In principle, education is not given, but it turns out. Everyone knows what he has learned for himself. If we can change one person’s thinking, it’s a real victory. And we will see the result in 5-10 years», – shared the opinion of Daniyar Zhanys at the end of the meeting.