International Forum “Current Problems of Science and Education”

December 13-14, 2023 Zhetysu University named after. I. Zhansugurov together with the Ural State Pedagogical University, Dagestan State Pedagogical University named after. R. Gamzatov, Lugansk State Pedagogical University, Omsk State Pedagogical University and others held the International Forum “Current Problems of Science and Education”. Although the forum was held online, comfortable interaction between the participants was ensured. The moderator of the section “Current problems of primary education” was Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) G.S. Mailybaeva.

As part of this forum at the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology, Gulmira Sabyrovna Mailybaeva also organized a seminar on the topic: “Modern problems of education: modernization and innovation.” Master’s degree and doctoral students also discussed the issues that were raised at the forum and proposed ways to solve them. The results of the forum and seminar were very inspiring, contributing to the enrichment of scientific dialogue and strengthening of international relations in the field of education. We support the spirit of cooperation and thank all participants for their active participation in creating this significant platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience.