One step closer to the dream

The faculty of educational programs «Journalism and Information» held a specialized conference on industrial practice for students of 4 courses.

During the meeting, future specialists were given practical advice, detailed information on ethics, security measures, requirements and rules of the institution.

Study groups ZhK-411, ZhK-412, ZhPK-411, ZhR-411 received referrals to Regional TV channel «Жетісу», Public-political newspaper «Жетісу», Regional Communications Service, public-political newspaper «Вестник Жетісу», Zhetysu Regional Public-Public-Public-Newspaperpolitical youth newspaper «Жетісу университеті», educational television studio and radio studio of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, as well as in «Communication and Monitoring Center» of the state institution «Zheti Region Public Development Department» and public-political newspaper «Текелі тынысы».