Seminar for master’s degree and doctoral students

On February 15, 2024, a scientific and methodological seminar for master’s degree and doctoral students was held at the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology on the topic “Structure of school management: psychological features of management and adaptability to change.” The event was held in Russian, Kazakh and English.

The opening speech was made by the dean of the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Yerlan Seilkhanovich Khaimuldanov, and the chief methodologist of the educational and methodological department of higher and postgraduate education Indira Koishybekovna Nysanbayeva was also invited. The moderator of the seminar was Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Shakirova Araily Dalelovna.

The seminar speakers were:

– Yessimbekova Assylzhan Omarovna, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Deputy Dean for Research;

– Shakirova Araily Dalelovna, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), coordinator for academic affairs;

Among 1st year master’s degree students:

– Kuntuganova Dinara Kaissarovna – English teacher, “Secondary school No. 7 named after K. Ushinsky”;

– Nurzhaubay Gaukhar Dosymbekovna – preschool teacher, “Secondary school-lyceum No. 18 named after Bakhtibay Zholbarysuly”;

– Kim Yelena – primary school teacher, research assistant-teacher, “School-lyceum No. 28 named after K. Kasymov”;

– Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Tarabanova – English teacher at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School.

The seminar addressed such issues as a comparative analysis of the school management system, the influence of modern trends in education on school management, and the individualization of psychological aspects. Participants also performed practical tasks: SWOT analysis, making a Venn diagram, solving situational problems and others.

   The seminar provided great support to master’s degree and doctoral students in increasing their scientific potential.