Methodological seminar “Organization of correctional work with students with special educational needs”

On 04.03.2024, the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology, EP “Special Pedagogy” organized a scientific and methodological seminar “Organization of correctional work with students with special educational needs”.

The purpose of the seminar:

• Increasing the innovative potential of professional competencies of special educators and psychologists

• Exchange of creative experience of special teachers

• Providing methodological support to students during their pedagogical practice

• Activation of cognitive activity of undergraduate and graduate students.

Seminar participants: students of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th year courses of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov of the specialties “Pedagogy and psychology”, “Special pedagogy”. The scientific and methodological seminar demonstrated effective methods and techniques for using modern innovative technologies used in the work of a special teacher, speech therapist, and educational psychologists. For active participation in the seminar, specialists of the office of psychological and pedagogical correction No. 8 N. Ashimbayeva, Zh. Dzhanbyrbayeva, M. Kylyshbayeva, K. Reva, G. Mamyrbai and specialists of “Regional specialized complex”  kindergarten-boarding school No. 1 in Taldykorgan.  J. Kokumbayeva, R. Omarova, M. Baybolatov were awarded by letters of thanks from the Chairman of the Board -Acting rector A. B. Taubayev.