“Pedagogical Research Activities: Action Research and Lesson Study”

On April 4, 2024, an open lesson was held at the Higher School of Natural Sciences conducted by Viktoriya Sergeevna Lim, a teacher of the educational program in the physical and mathematical direction. This event took place within the framework of the discipline “Pedagogical Research Activities: Action Research and Lesson Study” for students of the 3rd year of the MMG 311 and MR 311 courses.

During the lesson, students presented the results of their research, selected based on their pedagogical practice in January 2024. Future mathematics teachers shared their ideas and presented their developments. Throughout the event, they received valuable recommendations and feedback from experienced teachers, which will help them in their future work and professional development. This lesson became an important step in the educational path of the students, providing them with the opportunity not only to present their research but also to receive constructive feedback necessary for their growth and development as future specialists in the field of education.