Earth Day

Ecological and sports events for the “Earth Day”

On April 22, students of the Higher School of Technical Sciences as part of the eco-club of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, together with the regional specialized children’s and youth sports school for football, held an ecological and sports event at the Bolashak stadium called “Green Goal as a sport for the planet”.

The purpose of the event is to develop a new environmental awareness and social responsibility, to form students’ ideas about the relationship between nature and sports activities.

The guests of the event, the head of the NGO “Green Solidarity” Akhmedieva Aliya and the environmental defender of the Zhetysu region Sergey Tandeev made a congratulatory speech.

With a speech of thanks and summing up the results of the flash mob, the deputy dean for scientific work of the SHTN Auyelbek Murat, head of the eco-club of Zhetysu University, lecturer, PhD, Bukenova Elmira and methodologist OSDYUSSH Suleimenov Aydin made speeches.