A passion for books and theatrical art unites the townspeople gathered at the Art Theater named after. B. Rimovoy, located in the center of the Zhetisu region. Every year, premieres of various performances take place on the theater stage. Stories based on traditions, respect for parents, raising a healthy, conscious generation, touching on social problems, leave no one indifferent. Today the theater presented the play “Kazakhtyn toyi bitpesin” by playwright Aliken Zhanibek.

People’s Artist of the USSR Sh. ​​Aimanov said: “The theater is a place where a person sees himself on stage and understands himself.” Students of the OP “Journalism and Information” ZHU named after. I. Zhansugurova went to the premiere of Aliken Zhanibek’s play “Kazakhtyn toyy bitpesin” and discussed the issues raised about the production. The story of Kenesary, events during the life of the khan and Soviet power had a particular influence on young people.

The wedding of a Kazakh girl with a representative of another nationality, the irreconcilable dialogue between father and daughter, male honor, and the temptation of money involuntarily brought tears to the eyes of the audience. The satirical genre clearly expresses the lack of preparedness in the fight against natural disasters and social problems: violence, corruption, alcoholism and gender inequality. In addition, the author of the production acutely reflects issues of religion, language and morality. All spectators were amazed by the storyline of the performa

Thus, Zhanibek Aliken reflected on the stage the pressing problems of our society and tried to convey to young people the importance of closeness to art, respect for the traditions and culture of the Kazakh people. As Aimen Musaevna, who came to the performance, said, “I invite the younger generation to the theater. Come, look, enrich your soul!”