Educational program6B03202 Public Relations
EP purpose  The purpose of the educational program is to train competitive public relations (PR) specialists who are in demand in the modern labor market in various spheres of public relations, are able to create high – quality PR content, have the skills to work with convergent technologies for collecting, processing and transmitting information.
EP type New EP
Level on NQF6
Level on SQF6
EP distinctive featuresNo
The awarded academic degreeBachelor
Period of study4
Volume of the credits240
Language of educationRussian, Kazakh
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Professional standardNewspaper publishing. Publication of magazines and periodicals; Creation and broadcasting of television programs; News processing activities in the mass media
                               Learning outcomes:
1Assessment of situations in various areas of interpersonal, social and professional communication, taking into account the basic knowledge of sociology, cultural studies and psychology. Building an individual educational trajectory throughout life for self-development and career growth, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure full-fledged social and professional activities through methods and means of physical education.
2Use of various types of Information and communication technologies. Ability to work in cloud and mobile services for internet resources, search, storage, processing, protection and dissemination of information. Mastering the mechanisms of PR and SMM in the network. Establishing communication in oral and written form in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages to solve the tasks of interpersonal, intercultural and industrial (professional) communication.
3Mastering methods of advertising and influencing society, mastering the basics of Public Relations. Master the theoretical foundations, methods of communication and communication, design features of mass media and images in a modern way, master the system of methods and methods of media access to the tasks of the media. Knowledge of the basics of media literacy. Ability to analyze PR genres.
4Identification of mechanisms of professional competence in advertising using modern methods of Public Relations.  Contribute to improving the rating of work through management and organizational skills. Study of mechanisms for preventing crises in organizations and institutions. Knowledge of the basics of media design.
5Knowledge of the culture and methods of oral expression and written writing of ways to publish reports on the work done. Be able to select advertising materials about business or other organizations for publication in the press and distribute them through radio, television and other mass media.
6Expression of an innovative and active civic position. Assessment and description of ways to understand socially significant phenomena and processes in the media. Checking the accuracy and transparency of news and other documents.  Knowledge of methods for verifying the accuracy of information and data. Ability to create a business plan for the project.
7The ability to correctly analyze data and arguments in modern information, knowing the basics of Digital Culture and legal culture in professional activities. Knowledge of methods of establishing professional contacts with colleagues for image formation, ways to create a positive image in society. Master the theory and methodology of Information research. Ability to prepare content in the field of PR.
8Knowledge of methods of working through social networks, the system of compilation of Service texts and advertising of information, analysis of public opinion. Express your opinion in connection with the national culture, mastering the theories and basic methods of communication. Learn the methodology of Reputation Management.
9Participation in the production process of a printed publication, a TV and radio program, and multimedia material with modern technological requirements. Assessment of current problems. Explanation of the situation on the basis of existing trends in the development of socio-political, socio-economic processes. independent implementation of journalistic research. Knowledge of the theory and practice of Public Relations.
10Mastering the design of advertising and PR texts. Knowledge of the legality of media planning in advertising, the basics and methods of establishing cultural relations. Providing professional and personal experience in the field of Public Relations. Acquisition of systematic thinking skills that contribute to the rapid solution of practical tasks. application of theoretical knowledge in professional activities. Prepare and teach information in a foreign language.
11Integration of knowledge about the features of the main stages of the development of public relations and its connection with socio-political life. Ability to distinguish between the main subjects and objects, types, functions and mechanisms of Public Relations. Explain the problems of modern public relations activities in Kazakh, Russian, English and other languages.
12Establishing contacts with professional associations, commercial organizations, government agencies, and mass media. Ability to organize and conduct various events in the field of Public Relations using digital and convergent technologies. Knowledge of convergence and Multimedia requirements. Be able to conduct sociological and Marketing Research in the field of Public Relations.