Educational program6B04109 Economics and Management
EP purpose  The purpose of the educational program is to train a specialist with practical skills and leadership qualities, who has an idea of the financial, economic, marketing problems of the functioning of enterprises, who is able to analyze the activities of economic objects, make managerial decisions, who knows the methods of constructing and using models to describe and predict processes, phenomena, situations, while carrying out their qualitative quantitative analysis and synthesis.
EP type New EP
Level on NQF6
Level on SQF6
EP distinctive featuresNo
The awarded academic degreeBachelor
Period of study4
Volume of the credits240
Language of educationRussian, kazakh
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Professional standardFinancial management
                               Learning outcomes:
1To take an active social position on topical issues of Kazakh society, based on fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of socio-political sciences in the context of the ongoing processes of political, economic and spiritual modernization of the country.
2To show systematic economic thinking based on deep knowledge in the field of basic, specialized and applied sciences, to understand the essence and logic of modern economic phenomena and processes.
3To choose the tools for processing economic data in accordance with the task, analyze the results of calculations and justify the conclusions.
4To analyze the current trends in the development of the national and world economy in the context of globalization, navigate modern economic problems and management methods, tools of micro- and macroeconomic analysis, trends in the development of statistical accounting.
5Use algorithm for the organization of a business entity, develop business plans, analyze the problems of organization of small and medium-sized businesses in the country’s economy, to have the necessary business management skills based on the principles of organization and management in business.
6Choose innovative approaches to the disclosure of socio – economic phenomena and processes in the legal, business, production, ecological environment, to compare the modalities of management.
7To possess methodological approaches to the choice of tools for solving problems of improving the efficiency of management activities, to disclose the specifics of the development of the macro-regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to navigate the world economic processes and clearly represent global challenges for the country’s economy.
8To develop a system of anti-crisis management of the enterprise for its financial recovery, using the principles of effective time management and modern concepts of innovation management of the enterprise, to conduct a comprehensive analysis and diagnostics of financial and economic activities of the enterprise and the organization in order to identify problems and opportunities for development.
9Evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of investment projects, recommend innovative management options for the enterprise, select optimal methods of labor analysis and rationing, as well as forms of labor organization.
10To identify and evaluate the costs of the enterprise in order to form a management system for them as a factor in improving financial performance.
11To organize operational (production) activities, to master the methods of economic calculations and making strategic, tactical and operational decisions in the management of operational (production) activities of enterprises and organizations.