Educational program 6B11101 Tourism
EP purpose  Training of qualified tourist personnel who possess the basics of sciences, knowledge in the field of modern innovative technologies, capable of carrying out professional activities aimed at improving the tourism and hospitality industry, ensuring state regulation of the tourism industry, organizing and planning preventive and search and rescue operations in tourist events, as well as other spheres of human activity related to tourism.
EP type Acting EP
Level on NQF 6
Level on SQF 6
EP distinctive features No
The awarded academic degree Bachelor
Period of study 4
Volume of the credits 240
Language of education Russian, kazakh
Date of approval EP on the Academic Council  24.04.2020 (protocol No. 9)
Professional standard Tourism; Organization of business events (festivals, exhibitions, forums, information tours); Provision of tourist services; Organization of tourist services in the field of inbound and domestic tourism; Organization of tourist services in the field of outbound tourism; Provision of tourist services; Organization and conduct of active types of tourism; Provision of excursion services; Organization of business / business trips and MICE services.
                               Learning outcomes:
1 Has the ability to evaluate and apply innovative approaches to understanding socially significant social phenomena and processes in the legal, business, industrial, and environmental environment
2 knows the key terms and concepts, the system foundations of the tourism industry and infrastructure, as well as the technique of passing and tactical development of active tourist routes
3 knows the tourist and recreational resources of the regions of Kazakhstan, in particular the Zhetysu region, as well as the specifics of developing a tourist route in specially protected areas
4 knows the methodology for determining the economic efficiency of a tourist enterprise and the principles of organization of activities in the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industry, as well as applies management functions in the tourism industry
5 uses marketing tools in tourism activities and applies logistics technologies in making effective management decisions in organizations of the tourism industry
6 uses professional communication skills in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages, as well as knowledge about the features of foreign countries and the main tourist regions of the world
7 it uses automated management systems for enterprises in the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as applies modern technologies for the production, promotion and sale of tourist products
8 analyzes the economic activity of hotel companies, information about trends in the development of health tourism, as well as the methodology for preparing an excursion route
9 analyzes advertising and information activities of tourist enterprises and tourist activities taking into account tourist formalities, as well as prepares and prepares business documentation in accordance with regulatory and methodological acts