Department of Academic Affairs

The purpose of the Department of Academic Affairs is to coordinate, organize, plan and improve the effectiveness of the educational process in accordance with the academic policy and strategy of the university.

  • Task
  • Functions
  • Achievements
  • Employees
  • Planning, organization and management of the educational process of the university for educational programs of higher and postgraduate education;
  • Unification and standardization of the educational process based on the state compulsory standard, the introduction of the principles of the Bologna process in the educational process;
  • Coordination of work on the development and updating of educational programs for bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies based on professional standards, national and sectoral qualifications frameworks, proposals from employers;
  • Control over the quality assurance of educational services based on the introduction of modern educational technologies, educational and methodological developments;
  • Organization and monitoring of the educational process of the university in the conditions of the credit system of education, control over the registration of the entire history of the student's educational achievements;
  • Coordination of educational documentation with the regulatory framework established by the state and the university and control over compliance with the established norms.
  • Implementation of long-term and current planning of the educational process at all levels of education;
  • Management of the educational process at all levels of education based on the credit education system;
  • Continuous improvement of the learning process, improving the quality of the provision of educational services, ensuring the introduction of the latest achievements of science, innovative technologies in the educational process;
  • Control over the process of developing and updating the content of educational programs, their timely introduction into the EP Register;
  • Control over the registration of the entire history of educational achievements of the student and the provision of all types of control of knowledge;
  • Organization of work on holding meetings of the Academic Council (AC) of the University.

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Our Empoyees

Galiya Kydyrbayeva

Director Department of Academic Affairs

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