Department of General development

General information about the Department

The Department of General Development is a graduate department for educational programs:

– Bachelor’s degree: 6B01402, 5B010800 “Physical education and sports”, 6B01401, 5B010400 – “Initial military training”, 5B011500 “Fundamentals of Law and Economics”.

– Master’s degree program: 7M010800 “physical education and sports”.

Educational works are carried out taking into account the needs of society, the labor market on the basis of modular educational programs, which are coordinated by employers.

According to the educational programs of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the department employs a highly qualified teaching staff with extensive professional experience.

19 teachers, including 3 candidates of pedagogical sciences-senior teachers, 1 Candidate of Medical Sciences-senior teacher, 1 Doctor of PhD, 4 masters-senior teachers, 2 masters-teachers, 4 senior teachers, 3 teachers  conduct classes on basic and specialized disciplines of the educational program. 

The Department of General Development carries out educational, scientific, methodological, educational and organizational work.

The educational work of the department is aimed at the implementation of educational programs for the training of highly qualified specialists in accordance with state standards of higher education.

Educational and methodological information for students and teachers is available on the university’s website and portal.

Material and technical equipment

For the organization of the educational process, there is a modern material and technical base:

– virtual  laboratory “Human Psychophysiology”;

– virtual  laboratory “Sports Games”;

– virtual  laboratory “Fundamentals of military robotics”;

– audience of  technological training;

– interactive laser shooting range “Professional”;

– shooting range;

– parade ground;

– obstacle course;

– game room;

– salinetti;

– boxing hall;

– gym;

– stadium;

– sports and recreation center “Kulager”;

– sports and recreation center”Karlygash”.

The University has assembly halls, conference rooms, dormitories, a library, and canteens.

 Staff of the Department

1.S.Sochin  – head of the department, сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences;

2.Y.Utegenov – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor;

3.A.Kurakbaeva – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor;

4.G.Galieva  – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor;

5.B.Zaurenbekov – Doctor-PhD;

6.K.Dzhanabaev – Art. teacher, master’s degree;

7. M.Ozenbayev – Senior teacher;

8. B.Shaayakhmetov – Senior teacher;

9.Y.Danabekov – Senior teacher;

10. B.Sarsenbayev – Senior teacher;

11. M.Zamanbekov – Teacher;

12. Y.Tleuov – Senior teacher, master’s degree

 13.E.Nurdauletov – Article Teacher

14. O.Tanabayev  – Senior teacher, master’s degree

15. A.Кulmanbetov  – Lecturer, master

16.M.Tokhtarov – Lecturer, master

 17.K.Kozhakhmetova – Teacher

18. Zh.Muratbekov  – Teacher

19.A.Kumarova – Teacher


From the new academic year 2020-2021, the Department of General development and the Department of physical education were merged and renamed as the Department of General development, which trains specialists in the specialties "Initial military training"and" physical education and sports".

Educational program “Physical education and sports” 

       Gennady Bogodukhov (1986-1995) was the first head of the department, who made a great contribution to the development of the department.

In subsequent years, the department was headed by:

N.Zabrodin  - 1988 - 1990

R.Parmanov  - 1993-1997; 2004-2008

R.Khamitov - 1997-2004

S.Kanapyanov - 2008-2010

B.Bitleuov  - 2010-2011

A.Bakkozhayev - 2011-2012

Y.Utegenov - 2012-2016

K.Berikbolov - 2016-2017

G.Galiyevа - 2017-2018

Since September 2018 M.Prokefyeva, Associate Professor is the Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports.

            The following teachers and staff contributed to the formation and development of the department in different years:

G.Bogodukhov, R.Parmanov, S.Kana'yanov, Y.Utegenov, B.Bitleuov, A.Bakkozhayev, G.Galiyeva, R.Sautov, L.Ivanova, S.Charapiev, honored Trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, S.Gabdullina honored Master of Sports of Kazakhstan, T.Duanayev and etc.

Graduates of different years of the department have shown themselves to be highly qualified specialists in the field of sports and professional works (M.Mamyrov, G.Zhanatbek, Y.Orazbayeva, I.Ivanov, M.Abyrmasov, I.Bersanov, V.Sedov, E.Sepbossynov and many others )

Specialties and educational programs.
  • 6В01401 (5В010700) - Initial military training
  • 6В01402(5В010800) -“Physical Education and Sports”
  • 7M01401(6М010800)-“Physical Education and Sports”
List of elective disciplines
  • creating a positive image about the activities of the university, gaining information space at the level of the region, the republic and the international community, etc.;
  • the organization of public relations (PR) using communication management is an interconnected process;
  • organization of work on evaluation, monitoring and management of image startup projects;
  • conducting events in the form of seminars, trainings, and case studies through the involvement of professional experts, in order to develop the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Educational and methodical activities

  The educational process is organized according to the credit technology of education. The educational and methodological complex of the specialty is 100% formed. The teachers of the department published the following works:

– Methodical manual «Military-patriotic education: theory and practice»  B. Dzhakubakynov., A.Kurakbayeva. Karaganda 2018.         

 A set of test questions on the general military charter of the Armed Forces, other troops and military units of the Republic of Kazakhstan. B.Dzhakubakynov., Taldykorgan 2018;

 The textbook «Organization and implementation of pedagogical practice» B.Dzhakubakynov, A.Kurakbayeva, S.Sochin, M.Kangalakov, K.Dzhanabaev, Taldykorgan 2018;           

Methodical guidance for practical classes on the discipline “Professional Russian” A.Kurakbayeva,Taldykorgan 2018.        

 the textbook «Қазақ халықының жауынгершілік дәстүрі негізінде білімгерлердің әскери-патриоттық тәрбиелеуге дайындығын қалыптастыру» B.Dzhakubakynov, A.Kurakbayeva, S.Sochin., M.Kangalakov. Taldykorgan 2019.        

 In accordance with the state general obligatory standard and the academic calendar, students of 2, 3, 4 courses get pedagogical internship. The department of educational and production (pedagogical) internship is organized in accordance with the schedule of the educational process. Production (pedagogical) internship is carried out on the basis of agreements with city and regional schools. The department has internship programs, reports on the conduct of internships, orders, minutes of installation and final conferences.          Themes of diploma work and their content correspond to the directions of scientific research conducted by the department. In the diploma work topical issues of teaching methods of basic military training, patriotic education are considered.          The supervisors of the diploma work are doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences and experienced senior teachers. The review of diploma works is given by experienced specialists in education.In accordance with the order of MON RK №152 from 20.04.2011 “On approval of the Rules of organization of the educational process on credit technology of training” advosors are approved on the department. Educational program of specialization 5B010400 “Initial military training” is provided by high-quality teaching staff corresponding to the profile of educational programs. The main task of the educational program at the present stage is the training of specialists, capable of non-standard, flexible and timely response to change, occurring in the world, nurturing them in the spirit of the Republic, cultivating in the spirit of patriotism, friendship and friendship -personal values.An important role in achieving quality results is played by the formation of a professional literate teacher-organizer of basic military training. Student training is conducted in two languages (Kazakh and Russian), in full-time and distance learning technology (DLT). Duration of training in full-time department is for 4 years, on the basis of college (DLT AC) training for 3 years, on the basis of the second highest (DLT SHE) – 2 years.

Organization of research work

The teaching staff of the Department of General development and students actively carry out research work in the areas of specialties of the Department. The teaching staff of the Department of General development and students perform research work on the problems of improving military-Patriotic, physical education under the conditions of modernization of Kazakhstan society; Patriotic education of students by means of physical culture, training of future teachers to work in a school with an updated content of education.            Scientific articles of the faculty are published in journals, collections of scientific conferences not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries.Teaching staff of the Department of General development is actively working in two areas of research work:           Sports and Patriotic education of students in the field of physical culture.Improvement of military-Patriotic educational work in the conditions of modernization of Kazakhstan’s society.  To implement the results of the study, contracts were signed for the implementation of research and development work with the state institution “Regional boarding school for gifted children in sports” and the Scientific and practical center for physical culture, sports, primary military training and additional education.

Academic mobility

Within the framework of international cooperation, in accordance with the schedule of academic mobility of teaching staff for the period from October 01 to October 30, 2020, Alexander Fedorov, Ph. D., associate Professor, scientist of the Russian Federation, South Ural state University, was invited to deliver lectures in the specialty 5B010800 “Physical culture and sports” of the bachelor’s degree and 7M011401″Physical culture and sports” of the master’s degree. (Chelyabinsk, Russia).

Social and educational works

The teaching staff of the department and students of specialties are actively involved in social and educational works of the University, Taldykorgan, Almaty region.The military-patriotic club “Yerlik” works at the department. The leader of the club is a participant of the Afghan war, the chairman of the organization of participants of the war in Afghanistan in the city of Taldykorgan, the owner of the order “Kurmet”, the master Dzhanabaev Kairat Temirgalievich. The club has its own charter. The members of the club hold a variety of events of patriotic orientation.Professor-teaching staff of departments have been awarded public, departmental, state awards in different years.

Achievements of teaching staff of the department of physical education and sports

According to the results of the National rating of educational programs of the center for the Bologna process and academic mobility (CBAM), specialty 5B010400-Initial military training in 2012 among 8 specialties took 4th place, in 2013 among 10 specialties 5th place, in 2014 among 7 specialties 4th place, in 2015 among 12 specialties 4th place.NAAR rating for 2015-2018

Name of the specialty

Place in  2015.

Place in 2016.

Place in  2017.

Place in  2018.

Initial military






NAOKO rating for 2016-2020

Name of the specialty

Place in  2016.

Place in 2017.

Place in  2019.

Place in  2020.

Physical education and sports




Achievements of teaching staff of the department of physical education and sports

I. Zhansugurov Zhetysu University is a member of the International Association of universities of physical education and sports. The faculty of the Department is actively working in this Association

 In 2019, the team of I.Zhansugurov Zhetysu University took the 3rd place among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on the results of the X Universiade. The Universiade was held from April to June on the basis of higher educational institutions. The University team achieved the following results in sports:

  1. Weightlifting (men) 2nd place (Shymkent)
  2. Weightlifting (girls) 2nd place (Shymkent)
  3. Belt wrestling-5th place (Aktobe)
  4. Archery (men) 3rd place (Uralsk)
  5. Archery (girls) 1st place (Uralsk)
  6. Boxing (girls) 2nd place (Almaty)
  7. Boxing (men) 6th place (Uralsk)
  8. Beach volleyball (men) 5th place (Almaty)
  9. Beach volleyball (girls) 2nd place (Almaty)
  10. Rugby (men) 2nd place (Almaty)
  11. Rugby (girls) 1st place (Almaty)
  12. Sambo (men) 7th place (Aktobe)
  13. Sambo (girls) 2nd place (Aktobe)
  14. Volleyball (Men) 5th place (Aktobe)
  15. Volleyball (girls) 1st place (Aktobe)
Teaching staff

Sergey Sochin

Head of the department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
    Доп.вн. (2236)

More detailed:

Yerlan Utegenov

senior lecturer, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
    Доп.вн. (2236)


Assyl Kurakbayeva

senior lecturer, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
    Доп.вн. (2236)


Gulmira Galiyeva

senior lecturer, Candidate of Medical Sciences;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Kairat Janabayev

senior lecturer, Master's degree;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Berik Sarsenbayev

senior lecturer, Master's degree;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Omirzak Tanabayev

senior lecturer, Master's degree;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Aslan Kulmanbetov

teacher, Master's degree;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Akniyet Tokhtarov

teacher, Master's degree;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Yerlan Tleuov

senior lecturer, Master's degree;

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Mergembay Ozenbayev

senior lecturer

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)


Bekzhan Shayakhmetov

senior lecturer

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Yermek Danabekov

senior lecturer

+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)

Marlan Zamanbekov


+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)


Kulnar Kozhakhmetova


+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)


Zhanat Muratbekov


+7 (728) 222 44-79 ;
Доп.вн. (2236)