Quality management system of the University


The quality management system of Zhetysuuniversity named after IliyasZhansugurov has been developed, implemented and maintained in working condition since 2006.

The quality management system (QMS) of the University meets the requirements of the national standard ST RK ISO 9001-2016 «Quality management systems. Requirements», which is confirmed by the certificate of conformity issued in 2020 by «Kazakhstan Quality Center» LLP.

The scope of the University’s QMS is development and providing educational services for training of personnel with higher professional education (bachelor) and postgraduate education (master, PhD) in accordance with the state typical educational standards of higher professional and postgraduate education on specializations and areas which meet requirements in the field of a state license.

The quality management system of the University is a combination of the organizational structure, methods, processes and resources needed to implement a quality policy through planning, management, quality assurance and quality improvement.

The quality management system is a combination of interconnected and interacting elements (processes) that allow the development of policies and objectives for the leadership and management of the university in relation to the quality of educational services, processes and the system.

The university’s system of internal quality assurance is based on international standards and guidelines to ensure the quality of higher and postgraduate education in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), which includes:

1) quality policy;

2) development and approval of programs;

3) student-oriented learning, teaching and assessment;

4) admission of students, performance, recognition and certification;

5) academic staff;

6) educational resources and student support system;

7) information management;

8) informing the public;

9) continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation of programs;

10) periodic external provision of quality .

The university’s quality management system is based on a process approach.

The overall coordination of the QMS functioning and maintenance at the University is carried out by the Center for strategic development and quality management.

The University’s quality management system is based on a process approach. The University’s quality management system is based on a process approach.

For each process of the quality management system, a process manager and its owner are established. The head of the process ensures its implementation, monitors its effectiveness and efficiency. The owner of the process draws up the process in the form of a document, sets control assessments, manages the process, is responsible for its status, and carries out checks.

The university’s quality management system is drawn up in the form of a set of documents that are developed, agreed and approved in accordance with the QMS ZhU DP 01/MDI.08-2020 «Documented procedure. Management of the documented information».

The University’s QMS documentation includes:

  • Development program of the University;
  • Quality policy;
  • Quality objectives;
  • Quality guidance, documented procedures, provisions, instructions, rules, and policies for activity areas.

The functioning of the quality management system is carried out due to the involvement of all staff, while the top management of the university assumes full responsibility for achieving quality objectives.

At the Zhetysuuniversity named after IliyasZhansugurov, the development and active introduction of new mechanisms to ensure the quality of the educational process are systematically carried out.

Each faculty of the University has a Quality assurance commission, the main purpose of which is to assist in the implementation of effective specialists training in accordance with the established requirements, by constantly improving the quality of the educational process at the University.

An efficiently functioning quality management system serves as a powerful tool for optimizing university management in the face of changing state and business requirements. This allows to improve the quality of university management at all levels, to form a well-organized and motivated team of like-minded people who are able to achieve strategic objectives in the development of the university. The core principle of the education quality management system is to focus on consumer requirements. According to this principle, enterprises and customer organizations of our graduates have the right to set their own requirements and conditions for their individual preparation.

To identify the needs of stakeholders, the university periodically conducts a survey of students, employees and employers. The determined requirements and expectations of stakeholders and consumers are taken into account when designing services and products (when developing and updating educational programs, teaching aids, etc.), planning the activities of the university and structural divisions, and improving activities.