On 14th of April, 2023, a Korean language oratory competition was held at the Higher School of Humanities under the program Foreign Languages and Translation Studies. This competition consisted of two stages, with a cash prize. In the first stage, 15 students participated in the written work, of which 8 students passed.

Students submitted their written work by 7th of April. The next week, April 14, a competition was held with the participation of the jury. The participants were greeted by the teacher of the Korean Language Center Ahn Eun-mi and the teacher of Korean Language Lee Emma. Each student demonstrated their skills, ability to express thoughts in that language  and knowledge of the Korean language.

Students of the 3rd and 4th courses participated, as well as support groups in persons of the 2nd and 3rd courses. After the contest, the participants and instructors gathered in a cafe and tried different Korean dishes. In the same place, the results of the competition were announced, where the 1st place was given to Serikkyzy Aruzhan, 3rd  student, with a cash prize of 16,000 tenge. The 2nd place was given to Kasymkhan Aiym, 3rd  year student, with a cash prize of 14,000 tenge. III places were given to Gibrat Erkegul 4th  year student and Askarkyzy Moldir 3rd year student, with a cash prize of 10,000 tenge.