A seminar was held by the tutor of the group IYar-111, 112, Aliya Nurlanbekovna Musabayeva on topic “Formation anticorruption culture” on 14.04.2023.  The event was attended by the dean of the Humanitarian Sciences of High school  Rysbekov K.K.  As the guest of the event  were invited the students of the 1st course, Beyssov E.Zh. c.l.s, associate professor, head of the project office “Sanaly urpak”  and  a member of the anti-corruption council of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov  A. D. Tleubayev. During the seminar, they talked about the harm of corruption and proposed ways to solve this problem. The guests took an active part and shared their thoughts. The student of the 1st course Sarky Muslim and Bauyrzhanova Amina presented their project. We hope that this seminar helped participants better understand the problem of corruption and inspired them to take action to fight it in their country and in the world.