Educational program 7M01902 Special pedagogy
EP purpose to train competitive highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel in the field of special and inclusive education, with key and special competences and a high level of readiness for the implementation of basic professional functions
EP typeNew EP
Level on NQF7
Level on SQF7
EP distinctive featuresNo
The awarded academic degreeMaster
Period of study1
Volume of the credits60
Language of educationRussian, Kazakh, English 
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Профессиональный стандарт 
                               Learning outcomes:
1carries out business foreign language communication within the framework of professional activity; possesses skills of critical perception of information in a foreign language; possesses ways of supplementing professional knowledge through the use of original sources in a foreign language
2appies various types of management activities in practice; possess skills for effective management of the organization’s resources; identify, analyze and solve problems in the field of organizational development and management, predicting the consequences of specific decisions
3carries out a comparative analysis of the laws and regulations governing special and inclusive education in Kazakhstan and abroad; designs, implements and evaluates the results of professional activity in the field of special and inclusive education using modern world trends
4plans, organizes and implements the process of education and psychological and pedagogical support of children with disabilities; possesses technologies of psychological and pedagogical support of subjects of the educational process; applies rehabilitation techniques taking into account the peculiarities of the development of the student
5possesses the methodology of assessment and resolution of arising problems in professional activity from the point of view of ethical norms, humanization and differentiation of special education; provides the process of socialization of a student with special educational needs
6is able to design research programs within the framework of selected problems; studies and systematizes the achievements of domestic and foreign research in the field of special education; plans and conducts experimental research using different methods of data collection, processing and interpretation
7summarizes pedagogical experience in the field of special and inclusive education, independently updating knowledge; expands professional skills and abilities for improving scientific and pedagogical activities, possesses skills of abstract thinking, scientific analysis and synthe
8analyses and evaluates the methodological equipment of the educational and correctional-development process; develops the basic elements of methodological support for psychological and pedagogical support for children with special educational needs
9plans and carries out monitoring activities to identify the characteristics and dynamics of the development of children with disabilities; develops a programme of psychological and pedagogical examination; and predicts the achievements of students using modern means of assessing learning and development results
10evaluates and removes educational barriers, develops, adapts and implements educational programs; creates a barrier-free educational environment, taking into account the special educational needs of students; tolerates the individual characteristics of children